A Champion of People and Possibilities

Speaker, Coach, and Consultant to Established and Emerging Leaders

A Champion of People and Possibilities

Speaker | Coach | Consultant

About Tonya

Welcome, I’m Tonya Twitchell – speaker, coach, and consultant to established and emerging Leaders

I’ve spent the past two decades helping individuals, teams, and large organizations reach their highest potential and achieve amazing results without implementing formulaic programs, or enforcing high-pressure mandates. In fact, what makes me so successful in the work I do is my unique process and the beliefs I operate from.

What I know to be true is that every single one of us has the potential to be an important and impactful leader, and that our individual legacies are created and shaped in the moments and interactions of our “here and now.”

My unique and proven approach has allowed me to become a successful coach and consultant for over 500 individuals, across a large and diverse cross-section of industries, professions, corporate levels, genders, and ethnicities. It’s also the reason I was selected to be Chief Operating Officer and acting CEO/General Manager for two companies, managed large teams within several corporations, and led over 200 trainings that have created massive transformation for participants on both personal and professional levels–and subsequently within their respective companies and industries.

There are two themes I bring to every project I take on that guarantee growth, impact, and success: leadership and legacy.

I’ve always considered these ideas important; however, only recently have I recognized the central role they play in my personal life, and their true power in helping people step into their highest selves, and therefore, their greatest work.

In the past four years, I’ve lost five important people: my father, my grandmother, my brother, my mother, and my stepdad. These experiences have made me acutely aware that we are never guaranteed another day on this planet.

This may not always seem like a relevant conversation in relation to business, goals, growth, and success… but I’ve proven over the years that they’re everything. I hold myself to my highest standard as a leader – both in my family and out in the world – because of my past experiences, as well as the new experiences and legacies I create in my life.

People and possibilities, leadership and legacy.

I bring these personal truths into every moment of my professional work. They’re often overlooked or deprioritized, yet they have the greatest impact. I don’t say this with empty hope or to sound inspirational… I know it in my bones, and I’ve witnessed it in action hundreds of times across a wide variety of industries, companies, and individuals.

I know the power that exists in harnessing and leveraging our true, authentic selves. If you’re interested in examining your leadership, supercharging your results, and improving the lives of yourself, your family, your employees, and your community, let’s connect.

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Tonya Twitchell led a group of amazing women in taking leadership to the next level… I know we all took away something that’ll surely help make us better than we were before, both personally and professionally.” Mindy Kermes

“I had the privilege of being among a dynamic group of women this morning for the ‘Define Your Legacy’ workshop with Tonya Twitchell. Thank you, Tonya, for such an effective thought-provoking session. It really was incredible.” Stephanie Kocher

“My favorite exercise Tonya Twitchell had us do was describing what championing someone else looked like… Hearing other members’ answers gave me ideas on how I can do better. Overall just a recharging morning together… It is not often you leave a course and feel invigorated and inspired.Natalie Wainwright

Watching Tonya speak woke me up to all the ways we can make an impact in our everyday actions – and how important these actions are to championing others to be their best by seeing possibilities instead of limitations. Her message about legacy is extremely powerful for leaders. Tonya has an inspiring story, with challenges to the audience, that every leader will benefit from in their own way.” Cathy Norris