A Champion of People and Possibilities

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A Champion of People and Possibilities

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As a former senior executive for two diverse and rapidly growing companies, and a business coach and consultant for individuals and teams for nearly twenty years, I know the power that exists in harnessing and leveraging our true, authentic selves.

When I meet anyone, I’m always curious to know… are you truly living your legacy? Are you creating your life by default… or by design?

How about your team, your company, or the members of your organization? Do they see themselves as leaders in their unique roles, or simply followers within a rigid structure? Do they champion one another, or do they bring each other down? Do they show up to their responsibilities with full commitment to get the job done, or are they scraping by with a bare minimum of effort? Are you – and the people around you – open to all the incredible possibilities this life, and your work, have to offer?

If you want to examine your role as a Leader, supercharge your results, and improve the lives of yourself, your family, your employees, and your community, I’m here to help.

With over two decades of experience working with a wide diversity of both individual and corporate clients, I’m no stranger to professional settings. I’ve generated dramatic business improvements in fields ranging from construction to self-development to the US Air Force. One commercial company I began overseeing in 2015 doubled its annual sales after just one year of initiatives to inspire employees to be the “best of the best.”

My approach is unusual but proven to be effective.

Many times I’ve received puzzled looks the first time I step up to lead a workshop and ask the participants “do you know why you’re alive?” or “what does ‘doing your best’ mean to you?” or “what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?”

I am a believer in people, and in possibilities, and that is what sets my work apart from other executives, leadership coaches, and business consultants.

When I work with anyone, whether an individual, a small group, or an entire company, I immediately take the focus down to the personal, internal level—because I know, from working with hundreds of individuals and companies over the years, this is where true inspiration, achievement, and results come from.

I believe that the concept of “best” is a constantly shifting, moving target. We need to find our own definition for it, and then we need to engage with the process of becoming our best selves. It is not a destination; rather, our “best” shows up in moments, in opportunities to make choices that move us towards our highest potential.

I also believe that failure is part of the journey.

So many people are afraid to look at their failures straightforwardly; instead they avoid, blame, or judge. I guide clients in developing the courage to face themselves honestly, to clean up “messes” large and small, and to cultivate solid and consistent habits that keep them on solid ground with themselves and the people around them.

The truth is, I lead with conversations that many people don’t want to have, but are absolutely necessary and essential to achieving results in ALL areas of our work and life. It’s easy to keep things on the superficial, abstract level. It’s much tougher to dig deep into ourselves, and explore the inner territory we often wish we could ignore.

However—this is the only place that real change happens.

A few years ago I led a commercial company, and needed to shift the employee attitude towards safety. I didn’t issue mandates—instead, I showed up to a foreman’s meeting at 4:00 am dressed in my “funeral dress” and talked with our employees about what it would feel like for their wives and children to be on the receiving end of a heartbreaking phone call. I shared from my own real-life experience of getting that call. Then I asked them to champion themselves, their families, and the company by doing things differently.

The shift was immediate.

When people operate from their personal sense of leadership and legacy, everything changes. I don’t say this from a place of empty hope or a desire to simply be inspirational – I say it from experience.

I’m here to help you, your team, or your organization to make that change—starting at the foundational, personal level, and branching out into all areas of your life.

To learn more about me, and how I’ve been leaning into these concepts in my own life, click here.

Tonya Twitchell led a group of amazing women in taking leadership to the next level… I know we all took away something that’ll surely help make us better than we were before, both personally and professionally.” Mindy Kermes

“I had the privilege of being among a dynamic group of women this morning for the ‘Define Your Legacy’ workshop with Tonya Twitchell. Thank you, Tonya, for such an effective thought-provoking session. It really was incredible.” Stephanie Kocher

“My favorite exercise Tonya Twitchell had us do was describing what championing someone else looked like… Hearing other members’ answers gave me ideas on how I can do better. Overall just a recharging morning together… It is not often you leave a course and feel invigorated and inspired.Natalie Wainwright

Watching Tonya speak woke me up to all the ways we can make an impact in our everyday actions – and how important these actions are to championing others to be their best by seeing possibilities instead of limitations. Her message about legacy is extremely powerful for leaders. Tonya has an inspiring story, with challenges to the audience, that every leader will benefit from in their own way.” Cathy Norris